Saturday, April 9, 2011

Soccer season

Well Grace's soccer season is in full swing, with practices two times a week and games every Saturday. Her first game was a little chilly but Liza and Walker were both excited to go out and see their big sister play. I am pretty sure that Grace hopes it warms up pretty soon because she was freezing.
Grace is on the other side, she is the small one. 

Liza was paying great the Ipad. And Walker is amazed by the inside of his stroller

Grace trying to stay warm. And Mike helping the team out by coaching a little. 

Mike was trying to warm Grace up, I am pretty sure it didn't work. 

The whole thing was just too much for him.

Grace has really improved a lot from this time last year, and is learning to be more aggressive towards the ball. We look forward to seeing her progress over the course of this season. Her team won their first game, 3-1 and we really like her coaches this year. We will keep you updated on how well the team is doing.

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