Thursday, March 24, 2011

Warmer Weather

Remember last week when it was warm? Or are beginning to think the warm weather was just a dream? Well I have pictures to prove it was warm.  Walker, Liza and I all met our friends Emily and Maci at the city park. This was Walker's first time at the park. I think he liked it even though he was less than impressed with the swings. 

This is Walker and Maci checking out the swings at the park.

Later in the week the whole family went down to Poland park, which is only about a block away from the house.

We are planning a swing set of our own for the backyard, and Liza knows just what she wants back there.  Liza said,"You know I have been doing my research.  I went to a whole bunch of parks and know just what we need for the backyard." I have a feeling that we won't be making our play set quite as elaborate as she would like.

 Grace was showing off her skills on the monkey bars.

 Walker and Mike tried out the slide. He was almost as impressed with the slide as he was with the swings.
 Liza wants monkey bars on our play-set so I made her prove it that she could go all the way across them.
 They also really loved this bridge, bad news for them we will not be putting in one of these.
 He loves being outside. Walker loves going for walks he usually falls asleep. So hopefully it will get warm again soon so we can all get some more fresh air.

 Liza was less than impressed with this slide and requested ours be taller, "You know so that it will go really fast, and I can fly off then end and crash into things," Liza said.  Well I think our slide will be taller but I hope no one is crashing into things.

 Grace thought Walker should try out the swings again.

The girls thought since we just had dinner that it was appropriate to bring a snack to the park. Grace said, "Well you never know when I might get hungry again." Well with that kind of an argument how could I protest. So the girls stopped in the middle of playing to eat an orange on the bridge.

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