Monday, April 18, 2011

The Egg Drop

Yesterday at Herrnstein Field the Methodist churches in the area sponsored an egg drop. They dropped 6000 plastic eggs out of a helicopter onto the field. Mike was brave enough to go with both of the girls and our nephew Malachi. All of the kids were really excited and said it was awesome. I think they were just excited about getting some candy. 

The Helicopter dropping eggs

The kids were waiting patiently. Mike made them wait toward the back of the pack in fear of what all the adults were going to do once they said they could go in and get the eggs.

Liza with her loot.
Malachi cheesing for the camera.
Grace seemed to have fun too, she got a ton of candy that we all took advantage of.

While they were braving the crowds for some candy I went to the Outlet Mall with my sister Erin, her little one Elliott, Walker, and both mom and dad were able to come along. Well they drove so I guess Erin and I were lucky enough to tag along with them! But I think that everyone had a great day, more on our evening festivities tomorrow.

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