Saturday, January 29, 2011

Against my better judgment

I can't say that I've ever followed, thought about or even considered doing a family blog.

To be honest, it's too much like work. I write for a living, so coming home and sitting down in front of a computer is like going back to work. But I've probably resisted doing a family for longer than it would take to just do one. Kelsey has been pestering me about doing one, so, here we are. Some guys in their 40s buy sports cars, go to baseball fantasy camp, go sky diving or do something they've always wanted to do.  I'm starting a blog. (Yeah, I live on the edge.)

You're probably wondering, "Mike, do you really have time to create, maintain and post to a blog?"

Answer: Nope. OK, that's not quite accurate. I waste a lot of my free time in a day, so I suppose investing it in something that helps connect the far-away dots of our family (parents in South Carolina, relatives in Mexico and elsewhere, friends all over the U.S., etc.) is something worth doing.

So, we'll see how this goes. Kelsey and I will update as much as we can. If you like the posts, then I did them. If not, then they came from Walker … or Liza … or Grace.

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