Tuesday, May 15, 2012

There is no denying that Walker is active. I am constantly chasing him and telling him no to things. But with three or more kids here on a regular basis he may get away with a few things. This photo is definitely proof of that. 

On this day I was taking one baby up to bed, and another was using the bathroom. Although he is potty trained he isn't quite big enough to close our old doors, so the bathroom door got left open. When I came downstairs I asked where Walker had gone, but I couldn't see him and even worse I couldn't hear him. So I started searching for him and I quickly heard him laughing in the bathroom, I knew it was going to be something. When I first walked in he was sitting on the seat of the toilet pulling tissues out of the box and throwing them, but as soon as he saw me he stood up and as proud as could be yelled "ta da." I am just glad that I remembered to take a photo before cleaning him up and freaking out about him possibly drinking out of the toilet! 

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