Thursday, November 17, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Okay so I am really not sure how it is almost Thanksgiving. We had so much stuff to blog about and now it is all old news, but we will have a recap of the last month or so to get everyone caught back up. 

Halloween was awesome. For Walker's first halloween he was a sock monkey, Grace was a farmer, and Liza was a bride. 

We thought we were going to have to send Walker out as Rocky or some other boxer for Halloween because he got a bug bite that caused his eye to swell shut. But we go that taken care, and he is just fine.

Grace has become the master of putting Walker to sleep. He really enjoys crawling up in her lap and letting him fall asleep on her. I must say it is pretty cute too. Liza continues to big a big help in taking care of Walker too. She loves to give him a bath and is pretty good at it. 

Walker has gone from crawling to full out running in a matter of weeks. He is pretty funny now and we definitely have our hands full. At least once or twice a day one of us will leave the room only to return and Walker will be standing on the couch, more specifically on the arm of the couch trying to reach the lamp. 

More to come on what has been happening in the Throne home, soon...really, we won't wait a month this time.

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